Five communication trends for 2021

From the fight against fake news, which platforms such as Twitter have become involved in, to the consolidation of podcasts and their payment model, below we share some of the musts that are sure to shape the industry this year.

21 April 2021

  1. Social Networks, long live the mix and the truth
  • Due to the boom of TikTok and Instagram Reels, among other platforms, content goes viral surprisingly quickly. The capacity for remixing and customization of pieces in different formats, which can be shared by users in a simple way, has been a hit and a trend that will grow in 2021.
  • The platforms have decided to create strategies to combat fake news. They are no longer interested in multiplying conspiracy theories or increasing fake news, as happened during the pandemic. This is why labeling and verification of information sources are fundamental tools to win this battle. Along these lines, Twitter has implemented a warning system which reminds users to read the content before retweeting it. So, how are we doing here at home?
  • Data: information is power, Capeesh?

Data analysis allows for in-depth knowledge of consumers. Companies know this and are willing to better monitor the information they gather. These insights, which reflect consumers’ deeper motivations and behavior towards a sector, brand or product, allow for better decision making. According to Kantar, a leading data research company, brands will unquestionably need ever-deeper insights to design and execute the correct strategy. Information is power, capeesh?

  • The technology will be fused with the business. The IDG Research consulting firm is adamant in stating that what is coming is “innovation based on real-time experimentation, adding more value to the data and the use that is made of it.” Companies choose to be resilient, opting to adapt to the environment, come what may. How about that!
  1. From storytelling to storydoing:
  • Stories must give way to experiences. It is no longer enough to create attractive and exciting corporate stories for audiences, now the challenge is to make the stories come alive for real people, who realize that the promise of a company’s value to society is being fulfilled, has a real impact on the community, and is measurable.
  • Storydoing does not replace It’s still based on metastories. And it is not a word designed to lead someone into a riddle, nor is it an Egyptian hieroglyph used in stories to highlight the brand’s philosophy and values including reliable data, as well as testimonials from customers, beneficiaries or users who are fascinated by their experiences interacting with companies or brands and want to share it with others. In other words, it’s the best endorsement imaginable!
  1. Podcasts, exquisite on-demand audios

 In 2021, these downloadable radio programs, found on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud or Ivoox, will build on their growth, while their payment models will also continue to evolve. Towards what? Towards prepaid subscription formats that allow their audiences to access content of interest to them, thus allowing these companies to at last be able to monetize the product.

  • In 2020, Spotify announced the launch of “video podcasts” on its platform, which can be viewed from cell phones or computers. This trend is clearly on the rise this year, perhaps because humans are more visual. Which is why, if you want your program to succeed, you must, by any means necessary, immortalize yourself before the camera.
  1. The revenge of internal communications
  • During the pandemic, internal communications took on critical importance within organizations. They went from being in the background of companies’ strategic decision-making to occupying a central role within leadership teams. From the beginning of the health crisis, it has been a challenge to keep teams safe, cohesive and motivated as they learn to adapt to hybrid work models, which have already become “the new way of working.” In addition, this function has added a number of new tools to provide clear information and keep its workers on the same page.
  • The portents are that communications in 2021 will be increasingly collaborative, multi-platform and strategic. More than ever before, companies need to engage with their employees who are working in increasingly horizontal, agile and decentralized models.


Chart (Infographic)

Tell me what you do, and I’ll tell you what you are communicating.

Don’t miss out on these main leading trends in 2021.

  • Social networks:

The platforms are highly-active in the fight against the fake news circulating in cyberspace.

  • Data analysis:

Brands will need more insights in order to apply the right strategy.

  • Storydoing:

Audiences are no longer satisfied only with engaging and exciting stories; now the stories must come alive in real life.

  • Podcasts:

Downloadable radio programs consolidate their growth and begin using paid subscription models.

  • Internal communications:

Due to the pandemic, they took on a fundamental role within companies, and have become the new “golden child.”