AliExpress Spain’s trend setting CM

The Chinese giant AliExpress is really standing out in Spain with its Community Manager’s (CM) Twitter techniques. Spontaneity and closeness to shoppers are two attributes that have been studied by various platforms dedicated to understanding social network behavior, and their advice is that brands should adopt this type of strategy to improve their performance.

11 January 2022

A number of publications have analyzed the techniques used by AliExpress Spain’s Community Manager (CM). The way they manage the account becomes a trending topic on Twitter from time to time. This has led other brands to take a very close look at the Chinese company’s behavior.

AliExpress has developed a number of consumer engagement strategies. “Normally, the official accounts of almost all supermarkets or online stores reply to users when they write in with a formal complaint or question. If you are lucky, the CM on duty will get back to you and help you in any way he or she can. But currently, some companies have decided to engage more playfully on social networks, using humorous or witty remarks to attract more attention to their online stores and platforms in general,” according to sport.es.

A key role: Merca2.0, has analyzed AliExpress CM strategies: “according to the Digital 2021 study, conducted jointly by We Are Social and Hootsuite, approximately 53% of the world’s population already uses social networks, and they spend an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes a day using them.” This is not only a great opportunity for companies to position their names in the ongoing digital conversation, but also to build community around a brand and its value proposition. 

What does AliExpress do? According to analysis by various consulting firms, the AliExpress CM elevates the brand’s image with spontaneous posts saying that they “love their job.” This spontaneity is highly valued by the public. But that’s not all. There are different resources and marketing strategies the company uses to increase engagement with its followers: things such as surveys, sweepstakes, creative images and use of hash tags, among others. But undoubtedly, one of the Twitter audience favorites is the follow-up that the CM does after user purchases, and they in turn thank the CM for their posts and favorable brand experiences. This requires an intelligent and prudent use of the data that companies collect from buyers to enhance the customization communications with their customers.

No need to reinvent the wheel: Merca2.0, reports that there are also other community managers in charge of managing the social networks for different brands “who are constantly interacting with users, improving their browsing experience while providing a good brand/user image, thereby creating a favorable impression of the brand (and their professionals).

This is the case with Netflix’s community managers, who constantly interact with both their followers and some other brands. Recently they appeared to be “singing” with Spotify and garnered thousands of favorable reactions. And in Chile’s case, we have Contralorito, the character created by the Comptroller General of the Republic to showcase its work to the community.

What’s ahead? Clearly, in 2022 CMs will not only become more relevant, but will also be working to achieve a more a closer virtual conversation with their users. Those who follow this recipe will likely be the ones to succeed on the social networks.