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At Azerta we are commemorating this March 8 with two projects. One is our Gender Parity Initiative (GPI) and the other is the Nuestra Voz (Our Voice) platform, both of which demonstrate our commitment to supporting and providing visibility for women in Chile. We invite you to read this article!

8 March 2021

Nuestra Voz provides visibility to the thoughts of 16,000 women

What is this milestone? In commemoration of International Women’s Day, the Nuestra Voz platform released the 2020 Report with its 16 thousand women’s voices providing a gender perspective for building the future Chile. This issue compiles the opinions gathered during the pandemic through the end of October 2020, with testimonies that were collected through various different channels. 

What is it about? This is a collaborative project and the first digital citizen’s opinion platform that uses artificial intelligence to gather the voices of all women living in Chile, without exclusions of any kind. By asking the question, “What is the first thing you would change in Chile?Nuestra Voz is seeking to make the testimonies from women from across the country available, for the purpose of contributing to the debate and public policy decisions on the eve of a gender balanced process to draft a new Constitution.

How does it do this? To accomplish its aim, the platform uses WhatsApp to collect women’s testimonies, which are then processed using artificial intelligence. In addition, during this pandemic year we held 27 digital conversations and conducted an online and telephone survey across Chile to broaden the view.

The Report contains 856 audios and 2,230 online responses to the question: “What is the first thing you would change in Chile? And the areas most frequently mentioned by women were as follows:

  1. Women’s Rights and Gender Equity
  2. Inequality and Justice
  3. Government and State
  4. Education
  5. Healthcare
  6. Jobs

Gender Parity Initiative (GPI) Chile and labor participation

  • What is it about? The Gender Parity Initiative (GPI) Chile — officially launched at La Moneda at the end of 2016 —  is a public-private partnership promoted by the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Economic Forum, which aims to reduce gender gaps and increase women’s economic participation and progress in our country’s labor market.
  • Who are the members of this alliance? The alliance is made up of representatives from the central government, private companies and civil society in addition to an Executive Secretariat in charge of ComunidadMujer. 
  • What do the numbers say? Public statistics indicate that during the last decades women’s labor participation has been increasing in Chile. Around 2.2 million women have joined the paid labor market.
  • The GPI is focused on affecting three indicators:
  1. Increasing female labor participation
  2. Increasing the number of women in senior positions
  3. Closing the gender wage gap
  • What is Azerta’s role? Since we signed on to the GPI Chile initiative in 2017, we have sensitized and trained the people-management team and senior organizational office holders regarding gender bias, the value of diversity in the organizational culture and its impact on labor participation, so that they can be effective allies and spokespersons for the organization’s diversity policy. In addition, our consulting firm has gender parity in all areas and at all levels which, of course, includes management positions.