Lodging in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Some say that when it comes to consuming, nothing compares to a memorable experience. With that in mind, Disneyworld will be attracting Star Wars fans from around the world in 2022 to enjoy a fully immersive experience at the Galactic Starcruiser, the first hotel in the Star Wars-themed universe.

11 January 2022

Star Wars fans are counting down the days until they can experience the Galactic Starcruiser, the first hotel in the Star Wars-themed universe, located in Orlando’s Disneyworld park. In fact, reservations or tickets to enjoy this experience can be made or purchased as of October 28.

This is an adventure that Disney has planned with great care. Passengers who want to participate in the experience will first be welcomed aboard the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s and Chewbacca’s iconic starship, as a first taste of their immersion in this fictional world. Once in the lobby of the hotel, guests will enjoy numerous typically Galactic Empire scenes and meet the saga’s classic characters.

What is the mission? Forbes magazine maintains that “this lodging is not just a place to spend the night, but rather an unforgettable experience. From the outset, the hotel allows its users to choose the adventure they will embark upon based on the well-known stories of the galaxy ruled by the First Order.”

  • The hotel will offer activities related to the universe created by George Lucas, including classes on the “Force” and the use of light sabers, visits to the starship’s bridge and lessons on operating the navigational and defense systems. Other activities include an excursion to the planet Batuu and the search for a hidden Resistance base.

The aesthetics. The hotel will only have three floors and 100 rooms, so only a privileged few will be able to partake in this remarkable experience. Passengers will also be surrounded by the saga’s iconic characters including Yoda, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca at all times.

  • The stay will be interactive. “Onboard the spacecraft and hotel, passengers will be able to stroll through the common areas such as the control room, or the snack bar where they can order space food,” according to the National Geographic
  • The remainder of the trip will be determined by which side the passengers choose to be on. “The path will differ depending on whether the guests decide to enlist in the Resistance or if they are more partial to the Empire,” explains Forbes In either case, there is training in weapons handling and space piloting.
  • Some of the most spectacular packages include the best rooms, including the Grand Captain suite, which can accommodate up to eight people, has two bathrooms, a bar and three intergalactic windows for an enhanced guest experience.

The voyage. It all begins with a capsule that will simulate a space launch followed by docking at the luxurious space cruiser. Once onboard, visitors will have access to their rooms and many other areas such as a lounge with live music, where visitors can walk around and meet actors playing characters from the Star Wars universe.

  • For an extra fee, guests can don their own Jedi robes, functional smugglers’ attire, or the gala gowns of Coruscant high society. And of course, the chefs promise that the food will be out of this world.
  • Sleeping is just one of the many experiences that the hotel will offer, adds the La Nación newspaper, as it will be possible to take part in the same activities as the original Jedi knights, interact on Millennium Falcon’s bridge, and even visit the Corellia shipyard where the spacecraft was originally built, and even learn how to operate its navigation and defense systems.
  • There will also be craft activities for guests such as building and assembling a customized android, two restaurants — where you can order Luke Skywalker’s heavenly drink — and, of course, musical shows as at most Disney resorts. Meanwhile, the hotel’s stores will offer all kinds of related products, clothing, toys and exclusive souvenirs that will make collectors ecstatic,” the publication adds.

Prices. Disney considers that a two-night, three-day visit will be ideal, with a package for two people costing US$ 4,809.

If a child is included, the rate increases to approximately US$ 5,299. On top of that, you have to add around US$ 100 per day for the entrance fee to the park, which naturally depends on the dates you plan for your trip.