From anonymous to billionaire

Forbes magazine, along with its very-well-known lists of billionaires, has just published an article describing the businesspeople who became rich fighting against Covid-19.

15 October 2021

They lead businesses that have benefitted from this new and unprecedented scenario, driven by hygiene-obsessed and homebound consumers. Their fortunes stem from a huge surge in stock market value, as investors flocked to these companies which are mainly involved in developing vaccines, treatments and medical devices, among others. Below are the top five on the Forbes list.



Fortune: 5.715 billion euros

Company: Winner Medical

Country: Hong Kong

Leads this surgical products company. His company manufactured billions of protective masks and gowns for healthcare workers fighting the virus, as well as bandages and gauze products.



Fortune: 3.614 billion euros

Company: Moderna

Country: France

CEO and owner of 8% of the company that created one of the vaccines licensed against Covid-19 in 2020, and also a pioneer in launching its clinical trials in humans.



Fortune: 3.530 billion euros

Company: Medical [Intco Medical]

Country: China

Founder and president of Intco Medical, manufacturer of personal protection equipment such as disposable gloves and gauze.



Fortune: 3.362 billion euros

Company: BioNTech

Country: Germany

CEO and co-founder of BioNTech, a startup that he founded together with his wife and medical director, Özlem Türeci. They divorced in 2020. The company partnered with Pfizer to manufacture the first vaccine licensed by regulators in the United States.



Fortune: 3.026 billion euros

Company: Shenzhen Kangtai

Country: Canada

This woman owns a 24% stake in Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products, a vaccine manufacturer. In August the company signed an agreement with pharmaceutical giant Astra-Zeneca to manufacture at least 100 million doses of its Covid-19 vaccine. Yuan Liping is divorced from Chinese tycoon Du Weimin, considered the “emperor” of Hepatitis B vaccines.