Azerta presents: Virtual conversations regarding the Constituent Process

Why is it necessary to monitor the process? Because it is an unprecedented process in Chilean political history.

10 February 2021

  • It is important to have knowledge of the candidates’ dual roles both as representatives of a pact/party and also as individual actors.
  • To anticipate issues and expectations around the drafting of a new Constitution.

What do we at Azerta do?: Monitor the issues and attitudes expressed by the candidates.

  • Map and profile the candidates for the Constitutional Convention.
  • Strategic consulting focused on identifying the regulatory and institutional risks and opportunities that can be gleaned from the candidates’ campaigns and conversations, mainly from their social networks.

How do we operate? By using a variety of internally-developed tools from the digital and analog world.

  1. Candidate registry: A systematized collection of electoral, political and biographical data obtained from public sources.
  2. Social network monitoring: Tracking the opinions and positions of candidates for the constituent body.
  3. Categorization and analysis of issues: Identification and classification of relevant issues by area in the campaigns’ agendas.
  4. Detection: Mapping of risks and opportunities relating to constitutional issues.