Corporate communications

Our consulting services aim to help companies and organizations develop an identity and positioning consistent with the sustainable development of their business. We define and design communication strategies to manage the corporate reputation of organizations.

We develop and propose strategies for our clients to communicate effectively with their audiences through media and multiple platforms.

Throughout our trajectory we have built relationships with different stakeholders from the public and private world that allow us to strengthen our consulting services and open various communication channels.

We are specialists in financial communications (mergers and acquisitions, stock market openings, among others) and legal communications (especially civil, criminal, environmental and antitrust litigation).
We prepare press reports and analyses to measure trends and spokespersons, comparative analyses by industry, among others.

In internal communications, we develop diagnostics that allow us to define the organizational culture and the gaps existing within the organization in respect to the strategic objectives, designing plans that allow for the alignment of collaborators with the corporate challenges. We also develop relational communication strategies to make the link among companies and some of their key audiences more effective.