For the second consecutive year, Azerta received an Effie award, this time for the successful
Mutual de Seguridad road safety campaign featuring Bruce Willis’ double.
A completely revolutionized busy mall in Santiago. A Hollywood actor relaxed over a cup of coffee, as people began to crowd around him.

Bruce Willis in Chile? Almost. Pablo Perillo, the Argentinean and double of the popular actor came
to our country to star in a Mutual de Seguridad campaign, which began with a video on the Hoyts
movie chains, with recommendations on what to do and what not to do in case of emergency.
“Bruce” on the cover of a national newspaper, interviews on the country’s top news, dozens of
related articles and national trending topic; those were some of the achievements made thanks to
the integral work carried out by Azerta and the advertising agency Espinaca, for their client Mutual
de Seguridad.

This successful initiative meant that Azerta and Espinaca were nominated for an Effie Awards,
which rewards those ideas that originate strategies and outstanding results. The award ceremony
was held on October 23rd at Espacio Riesco and the Director of Marketing and Advertising of
Mutual de Seguridad, Esteban Coindreau, received the bronze statuette in the category of Non-
Financial Services.

“We are very proud of the teamwork with Mutual de Seguridad, Azerta and Agencia Espinaca,”
said account Director Victoria Burr. This is the second trophy that Azerta has won, which last year
received recognition for “La Hora del Código”, a digital education campaign that travels the world
encouraging children to complete an hour of computer programming.